Three Fun Games For A Halloween Party

halloween-candy-1014629_640Are you planning a Halloween party? If you are, you’ll have to come up with a few ways to entertain your guests. These fun games are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.

Halloween Bowling

Bowling is always fun, but it’s especially entertaining if you give it a Halloween vibe! Paint tin cans to look like ghosts, monsters, and pumpkins. Set up the cans and use a ball to knock down as many of them as you can.

While these sorts of games are a hit with young kids, a lot of adults also enjoy it. It’s a particularly great game to play outdoors on Halloween night.

Spooky Ring Tosses

If you’re a fan of ring tosses, you may want to give this classic game a spooky flair! Cover bottles with glow in the dark tape, and throw glow rings around them. You can play this game even if it’s pitch black outside.

Halloween Bingo

Are you planning on watching scary movies on Halloween? If you are, you may want to make a game of it. Pass out Bingo cards that contain scenes commonly found on Halloween movies. For example, you could have “cat jumps out of a closet” or “killer hiding behind a person.” Every time one of these scenes appear, players can mark them off on their cards.

If you want to make the game extra fun, you shouldn’t use a pen to mark off squares. Instead, you should use candy! Even the people that don’t win will enjoy eating the candy pieces on their card.

You’ll need more than costumes if you want to make your Halloween party successful. You’ll also need plenty of entertainment. Thankfully, these simple, entertaining games should make sure that all of your guests have a fantastic time at your Halloween bash.

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