There Fun Dinner Party Themes

food-1284268_640If you have ever had a theme party, you know it is a great way to spend time with others. But, having the same kind of party over and over again can get boring. Here are three fun themes for a dinner party that will have your guests talking.

One great theme for a theme party is a Mexican Fiesta. After all, who does not enjoy Mexican culture and food like Speedy Gonzales? This is a theme that would work either indoors or outdoors. You can serve Mexican appetizers and food, along with Mexican drinks, like margaritas. Decorate with Mexican decor, turn on some Mexican music and for an added bonus, you could even have an ‘adult’ pinata!

Many people have dinner parties to honor a certain holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. You could try something new, picking a holiday that is not known for big celebrating. For example, if it is close to Groundhog day, you could serve foods that are brown or make foods that are shaped as the furry creature. Or, if it is Columbus Day, you could serve Italian food and make food shaped like Columbus’s ships. These are just a few of the many days you could choose from.

Pick a decade and revolve your dinner party around it. The decor, food, and ambiance depends on what decade you choose. For example, the 1950s was most known for the rise of fast food restaurants. If you pick this decade, you could serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and French Fries. For dessert, serve Ice Cream floats. Ask everyone to dress up according to the decade you choose. Follow this video from the 1940s to make sure you ever have proper etiquette:

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