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Three Fun Spots To Visit in Long Island

There is so much more to long Island than stupid haircuts, the Long Island accents and the love for Billy Joel. Long Island offers a wide variety of really cool locations, from the beaches and boardwalks, fabulous seafood restaurants and fun thrift shops, Long Island has something for everyone.

Here are some great things to do in Long Island:

1. Deep End of the Sandbox

If you love all things vintage and past-era finds, then this thrift mecca is the place for you. It offers everything a 1990’s nostalgic would want, from My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures to vintage video game systems and a wide variety of iconic T-shirts and vinyl. There is even an ample selection of mid-century furniture.

2. Long Beach

Long Beach is known by as the City by the Beach and is a lovely place to spend the day. Being as there are twelve dollars a day mandatory beach passes, it is guaranteed that it will never be overcrowded and there are vendors available to rent out just about any beach essentials you may require.

3. Bunger Surf Shop

There is a deep-seated wave-riding history in Long Island that not many outsiders know about. In 1962 the first Bunger Surf Shop was opened Nu Charlie Bunger Sr.; he is a local surf legend as well as the founder of the modern and fun Long Island Surfing Museum. If you are a beginner, you can get a crash course at the Bunger Surf in how not to wipe out; it is a two-day-long course that guarantees you loads of fun.

These are just a few of the many fun things you can do while on Long Island. There are also many iconic eateries that you can ask the locals as well as can browse this site or use Twitter. One thing is sure; you will never get bored while visiting Long Island.

Bail Bonding Business as Career

Have you come to the decision that you are sick and tired of working for someone else? Many people today have reached this type of situation when it comes to a job or a career. Many of these same people have decided to start their own business whether it be online (website,facebook, twitter and many more), a service, or owning a retail establishment. However, have you ever considered opening up a bail bond company in your area?

A bail bond company in the New Jersey area helps defendants get their release from jail while they await their trial. A bail bond company will charge the defendant for this privilege and in most cases it is a fee set by the court. The usual standard fee is 10%. If the accused fails to make his court date, then the bail bond company has the responsibility of coming up with the entire bail or tracking the defendant down and turning him/her in.

A bail bond company can be a lucrative business opportunity but you should be aware that many states in the United States have a requirement that a person gets a license before becoming a bail bondsman. Therefore, the first thing that you will need to do is to become familiar with the various laws that govern a bail guarantor in your particular location. The requirements for obtaining a bail bond license can be found at either the Sheriff’s Office, the State Department of Insurance, or the local criminal court.

To complete the licensing you may be required to go through a training or classroom education program. Often you will also be subjected to fingerprinting and a criminal background check. There are certain states that require a bail bondsman to first have experience as a private detective or in law enforcement. Therefore, if you are looking for a new business or career you should check out the excellent opportunities of owning a bail bond company.

There Fun Dinner Party Themes

food-1284268_640If you have ever had a theme party, you know it is a great way to spend time with others. But, having the same kind of party over and over again can get boring. Here are three fun themes for a dinner party that will have your guests talking.

One great theme for a theme party is a Mexican Fiesta. After all, who does not enjoy Mexican culture and food like Speedy Gonzales? This is a theme that would work either indoors or outdoors. You can serve Mexican appetizers and food, along with Mexican drinks, like margaritas. Decorate with Mexican decor, turn on some Mexican music and for an added bonus, you could even have an ‘adult’ pinata!

Many people have dinner parties to honor a certain holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. You could try something new, picking a holiday that is not known for big celebrating. For example, if it is close to Groundhog day, you could serve foods that are brown or make foods that are shaped as the furry creature. Or, if it is Columbus Day, you could serve Italian food and make food shaped like Columbus’s ships. These are just a few of the many days you could choose from.

Pick a decade and revolve your dinner party around it. The decor, food, and ambiance depends on what decade you choose. For example, the 1950s was most known for the rise of fast food restaurants. If you pick this decade, you could serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and French Fries. For dessert, serve Ice Cream floats. Ask everyone to dress up according to the decade you choose. Follow this video from the 1940s to make sure you ever have proper etiquette:

Three Fun Games For A Halloween Party

halloween-candy-1014629_640Are you planning a Halloween party? If you are, you’ll have to come up with a few ways to entertain your guests. These fun games are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.

Halloween Bowling

Bowling is always fun, but it’s especially entertaining if you give it a Halloween vibe! Paint tin cans to look like ghosts, monsters, and pumpkins. Set up the cans and use a ball to knock down as many of them as you can.

While these sorts of games are a hit with young kids, a lot of adults also enjoy it. It’s a particularly great game to play outdoors on Halloween night.

Spooky Ring Tosses

If you’re a fan of ring tosses, you may want to give this classic game a spooky flair! Cover bottles with glow in the dark tape, and throw glow rings around them. You can play this game even if it’s pitch black outside.

Halloween Bingo

Are you planning on watching scary movies on Halloween? If you are, you may want to make a game of it. Pass out Bingo cards that contain scenes commonly found on Halloween movies. For example, you could have “cat jumps out of a closet” or “killer hiding behind a person.” Every time one of these scenes appear, players can mark them off on their cards.

If you want to make the game extra fun, you shouldn’t use a pen to mark off squares. Instead, you should use candy! Even the people that don’t win will enjoy eating the candy pieces on their card.

You’ll need more than costumes if you want to make your Halloween party successful. You’ll also need plenty of entertainment. Thankfully, these simple, entertaining games should make sure that all of your guests have a fantastic time at your Halloween bash.

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Sunday’s are literally my favorite day of the week. Every morning I wake up and I make my family breakfast. A real breakfast. Some weeks we eat eggs with bacon and toast and other weeks I get to show off my culinary flare and make pancakes or waffles. My son’s favorite is stuffed french toast with a cinnamon cream cheese stuffing and a strawberry compote. What do you guys like to make for breakfast with your family? During the school year in the morning they get eggo waffles or cereal of some kind. We try to use healthy cereal but it’s hard to argue with them when they say that Frosted Flakes tastes better.

Let’s Get Down To Business

Dad’s are awesome! It’s time that we as men get recognition for being good at parenting and that we are also just as important as the mom. We are not taking anything away from how much a mother does, not at all. But we feel that the role of a father is downplayed. What do you think?